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Welcome to Willa Marand

Be aware that making a deposit for the chosen room or apartment is an equivalent of a binding agreement and means accepting provisions included in:

- General booking conditions
- General room or apartment renting conditions


I. Booking method:

1. You can book your stay with:
a) telephone order of stay, confirming with e-mail specyfiyng your booking conditions
b) sending an order of stay via e-mail
In order to book your stay it's necessary to provide your personal data: name and surname, mobile phone number, e-mail of the person making the reservation as well as names and surnames of accompanying persons (make sure to disclose your children' age)
Your data is processed in accordance with GDPR information obligation, the personal data administrator is Willa Marand

2. After confirming your stay, Willa Marand will send a confirmation email on the email address you've given.

3. In order for your reservation to be legally binding, the necessary condition is to make a down payment of
a) 30 - 40 % total value for stays of 7. nights or longer
b) 5O -100% total value for stays of 4. nights,  but at the same time shorter than 7. nights
c) 100% total value for stays of no more than 3. nights

4. A down payment with a given reservation title should be made by bank transfer on the account given during reservation acceptance.

5. The date of prepayment is taken as the same date as the date of confirming the bank account.

6. The lack of prepayment before specified date will automatically cancel your reservation.

7. After receiving your prepayment on our bank account, your reservation becomes an order and receives the status of guaranteed reservation. You will receive a confirmation e-mail with the details.

8. The rest of the payment for your stay in Willa Marand must be made on your arrival day in reception before you're allowed to your room. The payment of 100% of the stay price means conclusion of a contract between Willa Marand and you for the stay according to the order.

We do not accept debit card payments.

Local tax is charged on site on your arrival day - by the rate of Jastarnia's City Hall.

9. Refusing to make the payment of 100% of the value of your stay before is equal to withdrawal from your reservation. Willa Marand will keep the prepayment.


A. Cancellation conditions

In the case of cancelling your booked stay, you will be charged with a cancellation fee in the amount of:
1) your down payment is non-refundable
2) in case of no arrival with cancelling your reservation = 100% of your booked stay value

For your cancellation to be valid, it's required to be made in writing.

B. Shortening your stay

Shortening your stay is treated the same as cancelling your reservation after the annulation date, meaning you're to pay for the whole declared stay. 


1. Hotel night begins at 3 P.M. on your arrival day and ends at 10 A.M. on your departure day. In case of your room being available, you are allowed to check-in earlier

2. The person responsible for making the reservation is asked to show up at the reception, present an ID card, pick up the keys and make a payment for the whole stay, minus the down payment made earlier.

3. No third party individuals are allowed on the premises of Willa Marand unless stated otherwise by the owners. Visitors are allowed until 10.00 P.M

4. Willa Marand owners take no responsibilty for damage or lose of any items and money left in rooms or on the home premises.

5. Before leaving the object, please make sure the doors of your room are locked. In case of losing your keys, you agree to pay a fee of 80 zł.

6. In case of sudden weather change (thunderstorm, heavy rain), the owner is allowed to enter the room and close any window without your presence or consent.

7. Willa Marand does not accept any animals.

8. Smoking in rooms is strictly forbidden.

9. Each and every room is cleaned before and after your stay, during your stay you are obliged to keep the room clean by yourself.

10. You are responsible for any damage caused by you or your children/companions.

11. For guests with small children we have prepared a special offer which is available under the circumstance of fully paid room/appartment occupancy/
- One child under the age of 3 sleeping with parents (without additional benefits) free.
- One child under the age of 3 can use travel bed for free (details in reservation acceptance).

12. You are allowed to connect to our Wi-Fi network without any additional fees.



1. Our guests are allowed to use our parking lot without any additional costs. We guarantee a single parking slot for every reservation.

2. Our parking lot is located on Willa Marand's fenced property and is not guarded.

3. Willa Marand does not take any responsibility for any of your properties left in the car as well as damage done to your car by third party individuals or random events over which owners have no control.


1. Toys available on the playground are meant for children up to 12 years.

2.  Children under the age of 7 are allowed to play only under an adult's supervision.

3.  Either parents or guardians are responsible for any damage caused to the playground equipment by the children.

Thank you for taking your time to get to know our terms of service.
We can guarantee you that your holiday will be spent in a great location, home-like atmosphere and cozy conditions.

We encourage you to spend your summer holiday at our place, hope to see you soon! :)